Justice Is Served

On Saturday evening and into Sunday morning Racism showed its ugly head, but on Tuesday Justice showed up and kicked Racism right in the face and knocked it out. What am I talking about you ask? This is a follow up posting to my last article to express how I feel about the Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano audio tapes released by TMZ Sports.

Justice Gavel

In a sense it is not “real justice” involving a court or a jury but the NBA and it’s Commissioner Adam Silver are the Jury and the Judge and I can’t tell you how happy I am with what he has done today. The Commissioner Adam Silver said on Sunday after this story broke that he will launch an investigation of the audio clip that alleged to have been Donald Sterling and his Mistress V. Stiviano having an argument and Donald Sterling having a “Race filled Rant”. A lot of former players also voiced there opinions about the rant and all said “their is no place in the NBA for behavior like this”. They also stated that the new Commissioner would do the right thing after he had thoroughly looked into this matter. Well, to everyone shock the Commissioner had a Press Conference announced by Monday to release the results of his investigation. The Press Conference was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at 2:00pm. Talk about “Swift Justice”.

As the Commissioner steps up to the pedestal you can tell that he is visibly upset and that his decision has been made with a lot of heart and emotion. His first words are “Effective immediately, I am banning Mr. Sterling for life, from any association with the team or the NBA, he can not attend any NBA games or be present at any Clippers facility or participate in any decisions having to do with the team. He will also be barred from attending any owners meetings or league activities.  I am also fining Mr. Sterling $2.5m the maximum allowable fine under the NBA Constitution”.

Adam Silver

Thats all I needed to hear about the decision to make me happy. Not often in a situation like this do you get a quick and positive response but when it comes to a race issue at such a high level it almost never ends like this. Mr. Sterling got a Lifetime Ban from NBA basketball. That to me is amazing. Also as a black man I think it is pretty historical. For a League or an Organization to drop the hammer like this is un-heard of. This to me says a lot about the NBA and how they feel about racism. It is not acceptable and it will not be tolerated and it seems like it won’t be tolerated at any level. This is the type of forward thinking our country as a whole needs to embrace. After today I really do think that a giant step towards ending racism has been made. Not a lot of people will agree with this, and I’m cool with that, but this is my opinion. For Adam Silver to only have been in this position of Commissioner for only a couple months and to make a tough decision like this is groundbreaking. So Mr. Silver I applaud you sir!

Alot of questions came out after this announcement this afternoon. Questions like ” was Adam Silver pressured by the players to do this”, “is this just a smoke screen to make it seem like the league is really going to do something” , “Is the league gonna punish players for this same thing”. You know crazy questions like that. I guess we will see soon enough, but I think Mr. Silver has already made an impact on his tenure as Commissioner already and it seems like a lot of the players are happy with this decision and are behind and supporting their new leader. Thats what these young guys need. They need someone they know is fighting for them. We all need that in our lives.

Now comes the question of whats going to happen to this mistress of Mr. Sterling. Is she now going to just disappear from the spotlight or is she going to try and continue to cash in on this story. What did she have to gain by recording there argument and what was her motives behind it? Did she get paid by TMZ for allowing them to release the audio clip? Why would a young woman with her looks be with a guy like Donald Sterling? We all know in our minds that its all about the money, but is it really? Does she really love this guy or was it her sole purpose to set Donald Sterling up? Will we be seeing her on the next L.A. House Wives  or L.A. Mistresses? I think that all “Gold diggers” are out for their 15 minutes of fame and she is right about 5 minutes in right now. I’m disgusted with everything this woman has done from setting this guy up, to being with him in what ever type of relationship they are or were having. Like I said in my last posting lastnight, why would she whore herself out like that? Why would any woman lower herself  just for money and the spotlight? It’s not sexy, it’s not cool and in the end its not going to be rewarding for you either.  Yes, you are a pretty woman but from what you did and what you are looked upon as, you are Ugly and you should be ashamed of yourself. This is how you should spend the rest of your days. This is what you wanted so now enjoy your new fame and fortune.

V. Stiviano

I would like for all Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Politicians or anyone in a public position or the eye of the media to stop walking around with blinders on a realize that in this new “connected world” that anything you say or do can be recorded  or video’ed and put out there for the world to see or hear. No one ever said you can’t have an opinion on somethings but if you have a negative opinion on someone or something then you need to keep it to yourself and quit verbally expressing because their is always someone watching or recording. Don’t be stupid, open your mind and your eyes.

 * The words and viewpoints in my article are just that, my words and viewpoints. Although I value everyone’s opinion. I just want to write what I’m thinking and share it with you all  the way I see them however different they are from yours.  Thanks: Vicjohusmc86


Time to Clip this Owner




Clipper OwnerIf any of you know me then you know this posting was coming. I have to jump at the opportunity to talk about what is wrong with sports and the things or people surrounding sports and this weekend I wasn’t let down.  However upsetting this is to you and me, the casual basketball or even sports fan I have to get this off my chest. I use the picture posted above because this is always how I thought of the “Professional Game”. Whether it’s basketball, football, baseball or even Hockey I believe that all athletes are treated like slaves by team owners and team executives. They put these players under contract for said number of years and they use the hell out of them until they can’t produce for them anymore. Yes, I know it’s a game and it’s a choice to become a professional athlete and these players make a ton of money playing these games. My point is these players have to “Play out these contracts” unless the team decides they aren’t needed anymore no matter what. Don’t get me wrong, I’m with the players and them saying they want to be the highest paid and all that, but does that include being “owned” by a Team Owner or President or whomever is holding the rights of your contract in their hands and is caught on audio making statements about “Black People”  that should never be voiced let alone by a man who gets a lot of his money and makes a living off those same “Blacks”.

Lets get into the point of this article now. Donald Sterling is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and is the NBA’s longest tenured owner as he has owned his team since 1981 for the cheap price of $12.5 million. The teams worth now is said to be $1billion. I’m not gonna get into a big history of this guy because he really doesn’t deserve it. I will try my best to highlight some of his worse moments all having racial issues involved. The knock on Donald Sterling for years up until maybe three years ago is that he was never really involved with his team. He never really put money into the team to get them out of the cellar of the NBA. For years they were considered the worst run franchise in professional sports. Longtime Clipper Executive Elgin Baylor sued Donald in 2009 on the basis of  Employment Discrimination because Mr. Baylor felt like he was fired from his position with the Clippers based on age discrimination. The lawsuit was eventually dropped by Elgin Baylor but I believe a lot of things came out about Donald Sterling that may be very relevant to todays situation. It is allegedly stated in the Baylor lawsuit that Donald Sterling  told Baylor that “He wanted his team filled with poor black kids from the south and a white head coach”. Sounds to me that he wants athletes that come from nothing so he can always have the upper hand on them by paying them “mediocre”salaries . That was the way things were with the Clippers until about  2003 when they signed Elton Brand to a salary of  $82m for six years and Corey Maggette to $45m for six years. The Clippers began to be some what of a force after those years and up to this point have made the play-offs for the second or third consecutive year.

The news of the weekend is that an audio clip of him and his mistress having an argument surface with him making a lot of racially insensitive comments about Blacks, and not wanting her around them or bringing them to the Arena to watch his team play. The Mistress is being known as V. Stiviano and her ethnic background is Black and Hispanic. Ms. Stiviano is said to be in her 20’s and Donald Sterling is in his 80’s as far as I know. My first point of question is, why in the hell is a woman of  twenty with a man in his 80’s? In today’s society you see all kinds of crazy stuff and I can agree with that but what would the attraction be for her to this man? Oh wait, this guy owns a basketball team and he has a lot of other business ventures so I guess the attraction is thee “almighty dollar”. This bothers be at so many different levels and I say that because in today society it is considered cool to whore yourself out just to get money and attention. I don’t mean to sound cruel but that is exactly what she is doing. Putting herself in that situation is by no means a reason for Donald Sterling to talk to her and be-rate her race in any way though. Obviously they are together and she doesn’t seem to have an issue with a man almost three times her age. I could take this into a very dark place but I’ll spare you guys my imagination and continue on.


Ms. V. Stiviano is the sexy lady on the left and of course Donald Sterling is the gentleman on the right. Can you feel the love between them? My take on the audio file and how it sounds or comes across to me is this. I believe that there are problems in the relationship and Donald wants out but he is just a coward and in love with that young stuff that he can’t ask her to leave. She is just sticking around until she gets a lifestyle out of this relationship. What do I mean when I say “a lifestyle”, just that. She will leave when she is given money to equal the way Mr. Sterling has been treating her. Ms. Stiviano is being labeled a “Gold Digger” by the media and I’d say she has earned that title honestly. If you have to get involved with someone of that age and resort to the tactic of recording an argument to blackmail or ruin someone for your own gain then that makes you a “Gold Digger”. I guess when this is all said and done and Mr. Sterling loses everything and she gets her jackpot winnings she will be alone and praying she had a good man in her life. I guess when your young like her you don’t think about your future with a family and kids until you never get them.

What should the NBA League offices do with Donald Sterling? The new Commissioner Adam Silver has his hands full already. Only on the job a couple of months dealing with this could make or break the NBA. With former players like Magic Johnson, Micheal Jordan, Kevin Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar speaking up about swift justice and doing the right thing for the league and leaving it all in Adams hands is to me serious pressure. As of today the NBA is still investigating the audio and making sure it is the Clippers owner before they hand out any punishment. I believe that is the right thing to do. My question is what can the League do to an owner of a team? Is a fine or suspension even a punishment? Can the league make Sterling sell his team or take it away from him? If they force him to sell then he will walk away with $2B in his pocket and a slap on the wrists. That to me sounds like it’s not solving the problem. It sounds to me like rewarding this guy for being a racists. You hate the majority of people on your team that are filling your arena every night and the majority of fans who watch and buy your teams merchandise. I’m not going to mention what I think should happen to Donald Sterling because I think the NBA will do the right thing.

I think Magic and Micheal have made it pretty clear that there is no room in the NBA for this type of behavior and that  Adam Silver will do the right thing. We all will wait for the final results to be announced.

* The words and viewpoints in my article are just that, my words and viewpoints. Although I value everyone’s opinion. I just want to write what I’m thinking and share it with you all  the way I see them however different they are from yours.  Thanks: Vicjohusmc86


Day 2: Second hike of Spring Break Johnson Style

So after leaving Old Mans Cave we are truly contemplating either going to Ash Cave or The Rock House but of course the two boys are like ” Awh come on, why can’t we just go back to the cabin and get back into the hot tub and relax the rest of the day”. Well that does sound like an excellent idea but Cathy and I are thinking, they didn’t do to bad on the first hike and there was only minimal complaining, let’s just head to the Rock House. We both had never been to this one before so it was a go.

So I believe The Rock House was about 8 moles from Old Mans Cave will all kinds of hills and winding roads and it was seeming like it was taking forever. You have to remember that we’re not in the city and driving like a bat out of hell. I believe the fastest we got was to about 25-30 mph. I’m a nut for safety and I’m not about to go over a cliff or get hit by some jack ass who is going to fast so I was definitely driving as careful as I could.

So I check the the gas meter in the truck as were driving along and I realize that we have about a quarter of a tank and we are in the middle of nowhere. Immediately I start freaking out in my mind like ” oh damn if we run out of gas out here were all in some deep shit. We went through a couple different towns, very small towns and none of them had Gas Stations. Cathy looks at the gas meter and says ” Oh we’ll be fine” that’s plenty of gas. Of course I’m thinking you must be crazy. All these hill are killing the gas and we have no idea when we will get to a gas station. We are going deeper into the woods and further away from our cabin and the only known Gas Station that I seen.

So the typical Husband and Wife arguing and bitching goes on for a while and we do eventually get to The Rock House. The parking lot to this area is totally empty and were thinking ” did we just waste our time and the little gas we have to come to this site”. The weather is warming up a bit and the sun is throwing out some serious heat rays so we all shed a layer or two and some gloves and hats and hit the trail.


We really have no idea what we are looking for because like I said earlier Cathy and I have never been here before and there is no one to ask how far the site is or if we are going the right direction. So far the trail is nice and flat but we can see things getting very hilly.




I think Cathy is really enjoying this spot up to this point. She wants me to take pictures of her and she hardly ever wants that so here she is all green and smiling on the “Dusty trails”.


Finally after about a 30 minute jaunt we start getting closer to the Rock House and the scenery is just getting more beautiful the closer we get. Also the hills are getting more steep and I think they are starting to wear out my wife.






The kids seem to be enjoying this area a lot but also, like I said earlier I am a Safety nut and my ” being safe gene” kicks in because there are all kinds of ledges and deep drops out here. The Rock house is gorgeous. Actually it is breath taking and Cathy and I just are patting ourselves on the backs because we picked this site to come to next. However gorgeous and pretty it is you can’t get wrapped up in that but you do have to keep your eyes on your kids. You see I love my kids and I don’t want to see them get hurt but damn! These are some daring boys and wanted to get out on every ledge and take pictures so they could post on Instagram or Facebook.





We end up spending at least an hour to and hour and a half at the Rock House and I believe we all enjoyed every minute but the hike back to the car needed to be done. We had to hike back up all those hills that we all loved going down. You see it’s a lot easier going downhill then it is going uphill. Thank goodness it was a cooler day because by the time we got back to the car we were all covered in sweat and totally exhausted.

I guess the Parents were more tired than the kids because it seemed like when we got back to the car the kids energy levels went way up and just wanted to get back to the cabin and enjoy that hot tub some more. Before we do anything though we still had the worry about the gas situation and what we were gonna do. Cathy wanted to go to more sites and of course I protested and said “let’s call it a day and head back towards the cabin” at least we could get closer to a gas station that I new of.

So we got back to the cabin and immediately the kids were in the hot tub and real axing the way Johnson’s do, only with out beers. Mom and Dad made a little lunch and by little I mean we had some cold cut sandwiches and left over macaroni salad and chips. Cathy did put a pork roast in the crockpot before we left out this morning and that baby was smelling good for dinner. They chilled for only a little while because that hot tub was just sucking the energy out of them so we all decided to watch Frozen again and Dad (Me) decided that he was very tired and commenced to taking a nap while the movie played.

The day was coming to an end and the trip was also. We had to check out by 11am on Thursday morning. We had some awesome dinner and then we hit the rack. Maxwehl was so tired he didn’t even eat dinner. He had to have been in the bed at around 8pm and Mom shortly after him. Griffin and I were the last to go to bed.


Thursday morning had come and it was time to pack up and head home after a wonderful two days of family fun. We all needed this trip for our own reasons. We love living in Elyria but it is always nice to leave there and see other things that Ohio and the world have to offer. It was very hard leaving such a nice cabin but home was waiting and I have a ton of beers that need to be consumed.

Thank you all for joining The Johnson’s on our Spring Break journey.




Day 2: Spring Break Johnson Style

Day two of our spring break trip to Hocking Hills couldn’t have started any better than with a large country style breakfast with all the things your thinking in your mind right now. We had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage links, biscuits and sausage gravy. I also had “many” cups of awesome Starbucks coffee from the great coffee maker in the cabin. The plan was to get our bellies all filled up and the take a nice hike and to see Ohio from a totally different perspective.




Well by the look from the above pictures,we got breakfast covered and everyone got there bellies filled, some more than others and that off course being me. The talk of taking a hike came up while we were eating breakfast and of course the kids had some complaints that went Un-noticed of course. It seems that teenagers and pre-teens don’t like the thought of being outside in the “beauties of Gods creations” as my wife kept repeating to them all afternoon.

So we all get the car packed up with waters and snacks and comfortable walking shoes and due to the cooler temperatures hats and gloves and sweatshirts and jackets. The sun is glowing brightly and it makes it seem as though it really is warmer than it really is. This morning it’s a very brisk 45-50 degrees with a little wind.

My boys and Cathy tough out the weather and our first stop today will be Old Mans Cave which to our luck is only about four miles from our cabin. Although it’s not a straight shot to Old Mans Cave we make it there in about 10-15 minutes. The kids are actually pretty excited in the car for the hike I think. As we pull into the parking lot the kids notice the gift shop and of course want to hit it up. Dad jumps in and says ” depends on how you guys do on the hike”. That’s some serious Dad-leverage right?




We are ready to hit the trails and then Griffin says “How far is this place from here” I tell him it’s about 10 miles and the look on his face was priceless. Let’s the teenagers complaints commence. Although I was only kidding Maxwehl seems to be sucking in all this nature and seems up to this journey that we are about to embark upon. Soon we are all into this hiking. We are all loving the beauty that is in front of us. Brace yourself for the pictures:









The view out here is spectacular and soon we are forgetting how cool it is outside and are just enjoying the family time together. It really is quiet out in the woods. I keep telling the kids to listen to the quietness and see if there senses will pick up anything. This place truly is one of Ohio forgotten gems.







I truly could add tons more pictures but I won’t bore you that much in this post. I’ll just make a Part two of the Day 2 of The Johnson’s Spring Break. It’s really funny to see kids of our kids ages taking cool pictures and talking about posting them on Instagram and making little video for Vines. I guess in a way it’s kind of sad that that’s the only thing that kids think of but it’s also good that they want to share there experience with there friends as well. We as parents do have to adjust our lives or our ways of doing things to cater to the young folks.

The hike was really fun and the kids did enjoy themselves while we were out and about. The worst part after the hike was the kids in the car, they didn’t want to be crammed up in there for to long so we did stop at the gift shop and let the kids get some souvenirs and also check out some of the captured wildlife that they had set up in a somewhat of a “Museum” and also learn a little bit about The Old Man who lived in these caves for years.





All in all I’d say the kids enjoyed the hike and Mom and Dad enjoyed the hike so our 1st stop of the day was a success. Stay tuned to stop two of our hike in Hocking Hills Ohio. This is gonna get nuts!

Spring Break Johnson Style

So this week the City of Elyria schools are on Spring Break and the Johnson boys are happy about that. My Wife and I had been talking about really packing up and going somewhere this spring break but we weren’t really sure at first. We, well I had mentioned something about going to the beach but in reality that was to far. North Carolina is by far one of my favorite places on the planet but cost and time would make that trip impossible this early in the year.

So we decided to stay in the wonderful State of Ohio and head to one of our favorite places together as a couple from our early days of dating and that being The Hocking Hills of Southern Ohio. We hadn’t been there for at least 15 years. Not since our oldest son Deonte’ was probably 8 years old. He is now 25 years old. We used to come down here and camp and sometimes just come for the day and hike all day and then make that 3 1/2 hour drive the same day. Of course that’s when we were a lot younger and had more endurance.

So we as a family, myself, Cathy, Griffin and Maxwehl decided to head out early Tuesday morning after a late Northern Ohio snow event which left only a cosmetic coating to a couple inches of snow on the ground. The roads were fine so the snow was no problem. Just a little surprising to get that much snow in mid-April.

The car is all packed and the kids are ready. Griffin has his 3Ds with Animal Crossing all charged up and ready to go. Maxwehl, well he isn’t much on portable or handheld Gaming so all he has is his IPhone with tons of games on it as well as YouTube which he spends hours on daily. Cathy is just full of conversation as I am the driver on this journey to Southern Ohio. Of course that only last for about an hour or so then she just says to me ” I need to close my eyes for a little bit”. That is typical Cathy Johnson, but I love her for that. So no big events on the drive except a little while out I do realize that I forgot a bunch of things like my toothbrush, another pair of pants, my medicines but I’m cool. Thank goodness for Walmart’s every 10-15 miles so no worries for me.


So we get to the Lazy Lane office to check in to the Cabin a little bit early then allowed but they do allow us to check in but in the process we do see that the. Office did not add our kids to the cost of the cabin which is an extra $15 per child, per day. We thought about not saying anything to them about it but honesty is good I guess. Plus knowing the “luck of the Johnson’s” they would come way out into the woods to pay us a visit. Surprisingly my Wife didn’t cause a big stink or ask to speak with a Manager because of the issue. That’s usually what she does when people mess up.

So we get to the cabin which is another 10-15 minutes from the Office. This cabin is out in no-mans land and I love it. Not another person in site and nestled deep in the woods. The kids and Cathy have this look on there faces like “is it safe for us to be way out here”. We city folk and this is way out of our comfort zone.






We realize as soon as we walk into the Cabin that this is just what we needed. The place is beautiful, it’s clean, it has some comforts of home like DirecTV and Wifi and of course the hot tub. This is like a mini-paradise and the Johnson’s are the Kings and Queens for a couple days. We get the car unpacked and look around the area then within minutes the kids are in that wonderful hot tub.


Of course Mom & Dad get in to for a minute but I’m gonna spare you all the picture of us in swim suits. The hot tub is a perfect 103 degrees on this cold early spring day. We didn’t realize the cold air temperature until we go to get out and boy let me tell you! It is cold as hell and as soon as you step out your swim trunks instantly free up. Not a good feeling but were all good with it because we have the fire place going in the cabin and it’s nice and warm inside.


After a very short chill time we head out to “Town” and that very needed Walmart and buy the food we will need and some other things for the next few days. The Walmart is fun and upon being there for an hour or so my son Griffin says “Dad, I haven’t seen a black person yet”. Of course in my head I’m saying “he’s right” but I can’t tell him that so I just respond by saying “I didn’t even notice buddy”. I love that kid, he is so observant.

Back to the cabin to whip up some chow for the family and partake in a couple adult beverages. Like I said at the beginning of the article “Johnson Style”.



The dinner turned out real good although the grill kinda sucked but everyone had a full tummy and seemed satisfied with what Cathy and I had made. I believe we all had to much to eat and drink so we popped in Frozen for the kids and Mom and Dad proceeded to doze off by the end of the movie but did get the meaning of the story though.

We all decided to hit the rack after the movie to rest up for a day of hiking and running the trails. Stay tuned for day two of The Johnson’s on vacation.

Aldon Smith: Money Don’t Make You Smart

So we as football fans are two months removed from the Superbowl and already we are dying to see our teams play some smashmouth football and also see some of our favorite players show us there craft of the field but first we need to get through the off-season. Well so far that has been pretty tough for some of the “allstars” of the game.


You see, football is an adrenoline filled, physicaly demanding and most of the time a very dangerous sport. I personally believe that is takes a special type of person to play this game at a high level year after year. I also believe it takes a special person to seperate the game on the field to life off the field. There aren’t a lot of players in todays game that can successfully do this. What I mean is keep that aggression and toughness on the field and just be a normal everyday guy off the field by staying out of trouble, be it Beating your wife, getting stopped for carrying an illegal weapon, getting stopped for possession of illegal drugs or any other crime.


What I want to talk about today is probably one of thee dumbest things I’ve ever seen a professional athlete get in trouble with the law for. The severity of this dumbness could get “a regular person” a lengthy stay in a Federal Prison for doing such a thing.


Lets talk about San Francisco 49’er Linebacker Aldon Smith and his antics on Sunday April 13, 2014 at the Los Angeles International Airport.  First off let me start by saying that Aldon is 6’4″ and weighs in at a whopping 263 lbs. He was a 7th round Draft Pick out of the University of Missouri in 2011 but was raised in Greenwood, Mississippi. He was red-flagged before the 2011 draft as a person who is a ” high risk of getting into off-the field trouble in the NFL more than any other player in that years draft”.


Aldon Smith pic



In his three season with the San Francisco 49’ers he has already amassed 42 sacks and 110 tackles. To me this is on par with some of the NFL’s best all-time Linebackers early in his career. 2013 was kind of a minimal season for him due to a few weeks away from the team but he still managed to get 8.5 sacks and 34 tackles.


So lets get back to the issue at hand for Mr. Aldon Smith. He was arrested yesterday April 13, 2014 at LAX for “allegedly” yelling BOMB in the terminal according to reports. He was “allegedly” agitated and became irritated because he was randomly selected to go through a Phase two of screening with the TSA at LAX. He made a comment stating that he was in the possession of a bomb and proceeded to the gate area where he was handcuffed and taken into custody.


Witnesses heard him saying that “He did nothing wrong”  but the entire situation escalated from that point on. In a video that TMZ published you can hear Mr. Smith telling someone to record all of this incident and that he did nothing wrong. He had that typical “I’m an athlete” mentality going.


The reason why this is a big deal to most is because  Aldon Smith is developing a history of bad behavior in his short career in the NFL.  Here are a few of his documented run-ins with the law so far:

January 28th, 2012: Arrested and charged with DUI in Miami, Florida.

June 30th, 2012: Stabbed while trying to break up a fight at his home where “allegedly” two other people were shot.

September 30th, 2013: Aldon Smith was involved in a single car accident and charged with DUI and possession of marijuana. After this DUI arrest Aldon checked himself into a treatment facility for five weeks.

October 9th, 2013: charged with three counts of illegal possession of an Assault weapon relating to the 2012 stabbing incident.

April 13th, 2014: Detained and arrested following Incident at LAX where he admits to having a bomb in his possession.


I’m no Psychiatrists or anything but I believe that Aldon Smith has some kind of substance abuse issue and that he is just crying out for help and true to the Status Quo of the NFL they are just gonna sit their and let this guys bury himself. Yes I do understand that he is a grown man of 25 years old and that he is responsible for his actions but the NFL  needs to get better at seeing when there is a problem and getting these players some help.


I also believe that if your a professional athlete that you should not have an attitude like ” I can do what I want, I have money and that will keep me out of trouble”. That is a problem will a lot of young athletes today that needs to be addressed. I think I have been talking about this exact thing on my podcast and on other podcast for years. I love my sports teams and most of the athletes on my teams but I start to lose interest in sports in general when these “over paid” and un-appreciative athletes continue to do things like this.


You have to have some type of mental illness or a total lack of respect for law and whats right and wrong to do something this stupid. No one in there right mind goes into an Airport and says that they have a bomb on there person….Do they? Well I guess Aldon Smith does.


Get this young man some help before he hurts someone or even himself. If that means this young athlete has to sit out for an entire season to make him get help and understand that you can’t go through life doing dumb stuff  like this then thats what should happen. Money is the key to getting athletes to open up there eyes and concentrate on their sport of choice and putting more time and energy into becoming better athletes as well as better men.  Get this young man an off the field mentor to make sure he makes the right decisions off the field so he can continue to make this money that all the great athletes are making and provide for his family to make there lives better as well.


At 25 years old I know there not really thinking about all these things and what there life will be like after football when they are 35-40 years old but they should. No one can play football forever, you need to always think about your future in normal society and if you continue to live a life of crime and always make bad decisions then your life after football will be spent in prison. If more athletes don’t start to realize this then they are in a world of hurt. Do the right things and make people remember you for what you did on the football field, not for what you did off the field that got you arrested and sent to jail.


* The words and viewpoints in my articles are just that, my words and viewpoints. Although I value everyone’s opinion. I just want to write what I’m thinking and share it with you all  the way I see them however different they are from yours.  Thanks: Vicjohusmc86


Thank you Rashard Mendenhall

                                                                                     Thank You Rashard Mendenhall


“I decided not to hold a press conference because I didn’t want to have to say things that were cliché. I’ve done enough of that since I’ve been playing football. I actually didn’t really plan on saying anything about my retirement at all. I just kind of wanted to disappear”.


These are the words of “Former Arizona Cardinal” Rashard Mendenhall in a recently posted article that he himself wrote for The Huffington Post. At the right old age of 26 he is deciding to retire from the game. He didn’t want to just leave his fan base wondering why he retired or just walked away from the game. Although he has left a lot of money on the table from walking away he feels its time to start the next chapter of his life and leave the game without any major health or brain injuries. His career had been pretty injury plagued but he says he is healthy and that this has nothing to do with his knees not being fully healed or not that any teams have not shown any interest in him. To this point aside from the injuries he has had a very successful career. As a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers (no comment) he earned two Super Bowl titles and racked up an outstanding 3,800 yards on just under 900 attempts. While playing one season with the Arizona Cardinals he rushed for just under 700 yards on 217 attempts and probably one of his most played seasons during the six years. These are not Hall of Fame worthy numbers but he was a very serviceable back during his career.


As a Browns fan I feared this guy because of his speed and his power. Something the Steelers are notorious for. I also always dreamed someone just like him would put on the Orange & Brown and threaten the opposing team the way he did my team. I wish I could share his numbers versus the Browns but I can’t seem to find them, but I can tell you he punished those hap-less Brownies.

                           Rashard Mendenhall.jpg

So the question has to be, why does a professional player making all kinds of cash and in the prime of his career just walk away from his sport of choice? If its not a physical condition or no one has shown interest, then what could it possibly be? I’m gonna let him tell you what drove him away. “Imagine having a job where you’re always on duty, and can never fully relax or you just may drown”. These words say a lot and I know when I read them I was in total shock! This is exactly what almost every professional athlete wants. They want the attention and the fame. They want to make touchdowns and dance on the field and make the opposing teams look bad and make tons of cash doing it. They want to be the toast of all the hottests parties and get all the hottest celebrity woman. They want to do all the shoe commercials and dare I say “Campbell Soup” commercials. I guess these things aren’t that important to Rashard Mendenhall and I “Applaud” him for taking a stand and for doing what’s right for him and for his family. Not many young men would do that. You really have to be a special person to walk away from the life of a professional athlete on your own terms.


Sounds very similar to a Hall of Fame running back we all remember walked away from the game on his own terms and never looked back. Better yet, lets make that two running backs and Hall of Famers that did that. Jim Brown and Barry Sanders both left the sport they grew up playing and loved for whatever reasons they were and sailed off into the sunset. Jim Brown’s life after football was a bit more public than Barry’s but we all know how that went. I’m starting to get the feeling that Rashard is going to take the Barry Sanders approach into step two of his life journey. The low-key stay out of the press route. Which I respect and admire. I guess I can understand why he is wanting to just live his life away from the glamour and glitz of professional sports but in this day and age it just comes across as odd but I understand.


He says “I can’t even count how many times I’ve been called a ‘dumb nigger” whether it be on some sort of Social Media or from a so called fan for his work on the field he has just had enough. He also says that all the things that people say “behind their computer” shape the perception of you. I’m a big fan of Social Media as you all know and I follow a lot of my favorite players, but I would never call them names or disrespect them on social media. If I can’t say it to their face I don’t say it on social media. I talk about on my podcast a lot how Twitter got some entertainer or athlete in trouble because they respond to an idiot fan or heckler but they’re the ones who always get in trouble. Thats what happens when you’re in the spotlight. It’s not right on either side but thats just how it is today.


This quote is the one that hits me the most. “ What was more difficult for me to grasp was the way that the business of entertainment had really shifted the game and the sport of football in the NFL. The culture of football now is very different from the one I grew up with. When I came up, teammates fought together for wins and got respect for the fight. The player who gave the ball to the referee after a touchdown was commended; the one who played through injury was tough; the role of the blocking tight end was acknowledged; running backs who picked up blitzing linebackers showed heart; and the story of the game was told through the tape, and not the stats alone. That was my model of football”. That is exactly what I think of football today and the players on the field. I’m from,I guess “the old school” football era and these are values that I have always had about football. What makes this hit home so much for me is that Rashard is 26 years old and he can see what’s wrong with this game we call football. He is sick of being called a “Dumb Nigger” but you have idiot players complaining that the NFL is actually trying to clean up the negative and hurtful words on the football field.


Until I read this article I only knew Rashard Mendenhall as the ex-Steeler who played tougher than a lot of running backs that I’ve seen play this game, but today I see him as a role-model for the game of football. A guy who loved the game so much but seen everything that is wrong with it and decided to give it all up because this isn’t what he signed up for. That takes a lot of courage and heart to do that. I think there are a lot of football players like this in the game still today but for me as a fan I need these guys to step up and tell the world that this game needs to get back to what it once was. What I mean is stop with this “were entertainer’s” bull crap and just play the game the way its supposed to be played. I don’t want you to entertain me. I want you to go out there and make tough football plays, score touchdowns, make the big hit that knocks someones helmet off. Give that guy help off the turf and move on to the next play. After you score a touchdown give the ball to a fan or the Ref and move on to the next play. I want my players to leave social media alone and work on your craft. Work on what you team owner pays you for, and thats to be the best football player that you can be. Then when your job on the field is done, I want you to go home and be a great parent. A great Dad and Husband to your wife and kids. I want you to stay out of trouble but most of all I want you to keep your mouth shut and just play football.


This is exactly where I am with The NFL today, I don’t want to watch  ESPN and see you acting a fool and running your mouth. I just want to see you on Thursday and Sunday playing your ass off and leaving nothing on the field.


Thats all I ask. Thank you Rashard Mendenhall for your six years of great and tough football and I wish you the best of luck on your life after football.

                                                           rashard-mendenhall-tweets.jpg Peace Out!

* The words and viewpoints in my article are just that, my words and viewpoints. Although I value everyone’s opinion. I just want to write what I’m thinking and share it with you all  the way I see them however different they are from yours.  Thanks: Vicjohusmc86


Happy New Years and Alot more to come

Happy New Years to all Open Forum Radio listeners and members of our forums. 2009 was just a stepping stone for us at Open Forum Radio. We look to blow the doors off  2010 and make a major impact in the Podcast world with our style of podcasting and getting our community involved with everything we do.

Some people said we weren’t gonna make it for a month, but here we are on our 8th official show. A special game buyers show before Christmas and our recently recorded Of the Year Show. We as Host of Open Forum Radio: VladzHammer, Bluemanrule, Patriot1030 and the creator and Mastermind of all this , TinPanAlley are all shocked and surprised at the support we are getting for our show. So like I said 2009 was the stepping stone for whats coming up for 2010.

We had our first attempt at U- stream yesterday and to my surprise it was quit a success with 5-6 people showing up and participating. Hell I even had an old High School friend show up and I haven’t seen or talked to him in over 20 years.The power of technology is a wonderful thing! We are all looking forward to having some live shows scheduled and hope all our listeners and followers on twitter will join in and ask us some questions. I’m still working out some kinks but be sure to keep listening  to the podcast and following us on twitter.

The plans for the podcast for 2010 is to have some guest on the show and pick their brains about video games and sports and what there listening to and there favorite drinks.  With P.A.X east coming up in March we look to have  a little Open Forum Radio representation there to spread the word and get some new listeners and participant on our forums.

So to close this out, just be on the look-out for Open Forum Radio in 2010. Thank you all for listening to us in  2009 we hope you stay along for the ride.


Happy Birthday Marine Corps

On this Day November 10, 1775 our finest fighting force was started in a small bar in Philadelphia, Pa call Tunn Tavern. We started as a very small group of men and since then have developed into an Elite group of Warriors. Known to many as Devil Dogs, Jar Heads and Leathernecks the Marine Corps prides itself as a “Force in Readiness”. Its Bootcamp training is the most rigourous training of all Branches of the Military. The Discipline and structure that they instill into these young warriors is second to none. There constant work on perfection and attention to detail is what the Marine Corps is known for. So on behalf of all former Marines and current Marines I say “Happy Birthday Marines”. You all have earned the title know wear it proud and say it loud “We are Marines OOrah”.

I just want to start off by telling you guys a little bit about my time in the United States Marine Corps. A few months after I graduated High School in 1986  I boarded a plane in Cleveland, Ohio to make a change in my life. Little did I know how much of a change I was in store for. From the moment I got off the plane early that hot and humid summer day at Parris Island, South Carolina it was constant yelling and screaming and “yes sir, Aye, Aye sir” do this and do that! I was freaking-out, I didn’t know how to take all this. I wasn’t raised with a father or yelling and screaming like this, so this was hard for me to take.I did eventually adjust to this way of life however temporary it was. They would tell us after we graduated that “there’s a reason for everything we do here on the island”. They were right! Those 15 weeks of being on Parris Island molded me into the man that I am today and so many other men before and after me.

My first deployment as a Marine came in April of 1987 to Okinawa, Japan. We took a “Huge” plane from Cherry Creek, NC once again in the wee early morning. The flight took I think over 30 hours. Thats at least three or four different time zones and lack of sleep on the plane . This was only my second time on an airplane so I wasn’t used to flying at all. What a horrible way to get used to flying. With a bunch of Marines (trained killers and  tough guys) who didn’t give a damn if you were scared or not. Needless to say I am very used to flying know , that plane trip did me in. Jet-lauge is not an option when you’re a Marine, once we landed in Okinawa and took the three to four-hour bus trip to our housing area it was right to work. No rest, I mean no rest. I don’t think I got sleep for at least a couple day once we landed. The time zones had everyone all messed up.

To go straight to the end of my Term in the Marine Corps I just want to say I lived in hell,I’ve dined on things people in third world countries would not eat. I’ve slept in places a homeless person would not dare sleep. I’ve seen thing that I can’t tell my family about. I’ve done some things that I can’t tell my family about. It’s all part of the job. Being a Marine is a life style not just a job. If you can’t live the life style then don’t sign up for the job. Although I had a lot of times when I thought I wasn’t gonna make it I sucked it up and pushed myself to do it and to get past the obstacle at hand. I will never look back at that time and regret anything I’ve done because that’s what Marines do, they never look back they only look  forward. So to all you reading this post sit down and think about all those young Marine over there in Iraq and Afghanistan that are sacrificing for all of us here in the good ole’ USA and just shout out “Happy Birthday Marines” and Thank you for doing everything you’re doing to keep this country safe.

God Bless all the U.S. military.

Happy Veterans Day